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As a website, is considered a copyrighted work, downloading (reproducing) content appearing on the website or any part thereof, retransmitting it to the public, using it in any other way, storing it electronically, processing and selling it without the written consent of the Service Provider is prohibited.

Any material from the website and its database can only be taken by referring to the given website, even with written consent.

The Service Provider reserves all rights to all elements of its service, its domain names.
It is forbidden to adapt or reverse engineer the content of the website or certain parts; establishing user IDs and passwords in an unfair manner; use of any application that can be used to modify or index the website or any part thereof. The name is protected by copyright, except for references, it can only be used with the written consent of the Service Provider.

The User acknowledges that the Service Provider is entitled to a fine in case of use without a license. The amount of the fine is HUF 40,000 gross per image, and HUF 5,000 gross per word. The user acknowledges that this penalty clause is not excessive, and browses the site with this in mind. In the event of a copyright infringement, the Service Provider applies a notarial certification, the amount of which is also charged to the infringing user.

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