Gingy gingerbread transfer

1.590 Ft

Using this Gingy gingerbread transfer is a great way to speed up the gingerbread decorating/cookie decorating process. It’s like a spatial “sticker” that makes your work easier, even if you can’t draw.

Its use is simple and fast. You can make them long before you need them, because they can be kept for months in a well-sealed box. The downloadable 1 template contains 4 types of samples.

  • You can print them in A5 or A4 size, but you can even enlarge them, so you can use them for cookies of different sizes.
  • To use the transfer sheets, print out the templates, put them in a thinner transzparens sheet protector (which is not rigid).
  • To fill in the patterns, use a slightly thicker spreading glaze and “draw” the patterns with egg foam. Let it dry overnight (minimum 8-10 hours).
  • When the transfers are dry, carefully peel them off the file holder. The completed transfers can be stored and used in an airtight box for several months.

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