Loving bears gingerbread decoration

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I created the Love Bears gingerbread course especially for you, if you also want to surprise your love with something unique and special on Valentine’s Day!

What the course includes:

  • You will get to know the necessary tools and materials
  • You can also decorate 3 gingerbread cookies while learning the course
  • You can also make a wonderful gift box
  • Gift, 4-pattern Valentine’s Day template
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Loving bears gingerbread decoration

In this online course, you can learn how to make Loving bears gingerbread. This way you can make a perfect Valentine’s Day gift with which you can surprise your love.

Loving bears gingerbread decoration is a special course that can only be purchased in the period before Valentine’s Day. That is why, if you have already thought about buying it, now is the perfect time!

What does the Loving bears gingerbread decoration include?

  • How to get the pattern on the gingerbread.
  • What makes the glaze shiny.
  • I will guide you step by step through the creation of the figure, which is shaded and contoured. (I’ll tell you, it “comes to life”.)
  • You get the drawing.
  • Exact recipe for buttermilk.
  • Exact recipe for the spread glaze.
  • You get lifelong knowledge that no one can take away from you.
  • Can be used on all gingerbread.

Make Valentine’s Day gingerbread too!

Now you can take advantage of the opportunities provided by the transfer and make a really special gingerbread package for your Valentine! During the Valentine’s Day period, you can buy any of the different Valentine’s Day themed courses!

If you are a beginner and would like to take a decorating course

My gingerbread decoration course for beginners does not just show you how to decorate gingerbread. You will have a tool in your hands that can build you up in the long term. Thanks to the techniques you learn while decorating, you can express yourself in a creative way. In addition, in the meantime, your fine motor skills develop, you exercise patience, and your dexterity and planning skills improve. This can be a way to expand your knowledge, which you can even use during Christmas presents or birthday parties with a homemade gingerbread.

My permanent discounts

You can also see in the description of the course that I like to treat you with gift templates, samples, or possibly extra mini-videos. This is no different for permanent discounts either. I’ll tell you what awaits you!

A little inspiration

If you not only want to buy the course, but also collect ideas or fill yourself with a little creative energy, you can find her on YouTube as Mezesmanna, but you can also follow her on Tik-Tok!

A short history of gingerbread

The history of gingerbread dates back several centuries and is closely linked to European cuisine. In the Middle Ages, in ancient Rome and Greece, honey was already known as a sweetener, but the gingerbread comes specifically from medieval Germany. Gingerbread was originally made by monastic nuns using honey, spices and flour, and then the recipes spread in European courts. From the 16th century, it became part of the holiday season and spread as a Christmas gift. The simple forms first made with spices, honey and flour became more varied over time. And later, different decoration techniques were developed, which I myself use and teach.

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