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Frequently Asked Questions

Are gingerbread cookies edible?

My gingerbread cookies are made as gifts. It contains gluten, eggs, sugar, honey, and spices, which can cause an allergic reaction in those who are sensitive to them. I use the same recipe for my own purposes as the one prepared for the order. If you want to eat it and you don't have any intolerance, feel free to eat it.

How can I order?

I'm not accepting orders at this time.

How should it be stored, how long will the gingerbread last?

A gingerbread preserves its beauty for many years in a dry place protected from light (do not let the sun shine on it). Steam is the enemy of gingerbread.

How can I apply for education?

The currently available courses are published in the newsletter, and I also post them on my social media pages. Subscribe so you don't miss out!

What other types of courses will there be?

It is planned: 

  • 3d technique,
  • Basic course for complete beginners, in which we go through all the basic techniques in detail.
  • Portrait painting
  • and there are many more possibilities, if only I have time to implement them. :)

Where can I access the lessons?

You can start the lessons at any time. Your user account will be created automatically, and you will have access to the lessons immediately after receiving the course fee.

How long do I have access to the courses?

Where not specifically marked, it can be revisited indefinitely; you have perpetual access.

How can I pay?

Payment by credit card is made through the Stripe system. You can also pay the course fee by bank transfer. In this case, you will receive the information required for the transfer by email.

Will I receive an invoice for the purchase?

Naturally. My company is registered in Hungary and operates according to Hungarian laws. According to the current laws, I can only issue an invoice in the name of a private individual, there is no way to issue a company invoice. Be sure to take this into account when purchasing!

What qualifications are required to complete the courses?

No prior training is required. Everyone can make what they see in the videos at their own level. Since we all have different skills, no two jobs will be the same, but with a lot of practice, everyone will get better and better.
We didn't even learn to write in a day! ;)

What tools are needed to complete the courses?

For the current course, I will present in detail what is needed…but in general:
Single-use foam bag, gel food coloring, toothpick, rubber ring, bowls, spoons, hand or table food processor.

You probably love to bake, decorate, and learn new things.

I cordially invite you to my closed group, where you can delve into the secrets of gingerbread decorating and learn / learn super tricks from me… and of course from the group members.