Sugar flower course – mini e-mail course

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Have you always wanted to try making Sugar Flowers, but didn’t dare to do it yourself? Maybe you’ve already tried it, but didn’t have success? Come and try it small!

In the Cukorvirág mini e-mail course, I will show you the basics so that you can build on the right foundations. But what can you learn on the course? Let’s see!

The curriculum of the 5-day mini-course:

  1. day: Mixing foam for the flowers, assembling pipes
  2. day: Forming a flower with five petals
  3. day: Perfect glazing of gingerbread bases, color mixing
  4. day: Making a flower arrangement
  5. day: Compiling a romantic dream

To participate in the mini-course, all you have to do is add this course to your cart and purchase it. After that, April 15-19. between , a study material becomes available every day at 5:00 a.m. European time. After purchase, you will also receive an invitation to our closed Facebook group, where the videos are also shared every day, and where you can also publish the created works. If you have any questions, you can ask them in the group! The interesting thing is that the course materials are available on Sunday, i.e. 20.04.2024. you can watch it until midnight, so you’ll have 2 extra days to recreate or perfect your gingerbread!

Application deadline: April 14, 2024, 6 p.m

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Sugar flower course – E-mail mini-course structure

The Sugar Flower course is made for you if you want to learn how to make foam egg flowers. During this 5-day mini-course, you will have the opportunity to learn the basics of baking gingerbread and making egg foam. You can also learn how to make a quick rose and a five-petal flower.

Structure of the sugar flower course:

  • Learning the basics (gingerbread and egg foam)
  • Making flowers
  • Gingerbread decoration

That’s why you should take part in the Sugar flower course!

My Sugar Flower Course course will not only show you how to decorate gingerbread, but you will have a tool in your hands that can build you up in the long term. After all, you can express yourself in a creative way, and in the meantime, your fine motor skills develop, you exercise patience, and your dexterity and design skills improve. This can be a way to expand your knowledge, thanks to which you can shine with your knowledge even at Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, Christmas or even birthday events.

My permanent discounts

You can also see in the description of the course that I like to treat you with gift templates, samples, or possibly extra mini-videos. This is no different for permanent discounts either. I’ll tell you what awaits you!

If you want inspiration

If you not only want to buy the course, but also get inspiration and fill yourself with a little creative energy, you can find her on YouTube under the name Mezesmanna, or you can follow her on Tik-Tok as well!

And if you’re interested in a little history

The history of gingerbread dates back several centuries and is closely linked to European cuisine. In the Middle Ages, in ancient Rome and Greece, honey was already known as a sweetener, but the gingerbread comes specifically from medieval Germany. Gingerbread was originally made by monastic nuns using honey, spices and flour, and then the recipes spread in European courts. From the 16th century, it became part of the holiday season and spread as a Christmas gift. The simple shapes, first made with spices, honey and flour, became more diverse over time and different decoration techniques were developed, which I myself use and teach.

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